How to Download Facebook Music to MP3 for Free

There are thousands, if not millions of songs on Facebook that are ready to be discovered. Every now and then you stumble across a song that you like but you most of the times find yourself unable to save Facebook music to mp3 because, simply there is no means to that, right? Not at all, there are several ways on how to convert Facebook to MP3 and download it to keep it forever. Here, we have brought you the best way to convert Facebook to MP3 and download it as many times as you want. Y2mate allows you to download facebook music to mp3 in 3 simple steps. In this article we will talk about these steps and details and tell you exactly why Y2mate is the best there is.

facebook music

How to Download Facebook Video Online?

Facebook allows users to upload videos on posts, the feature that has been a huge success for Facebook. Facebook Watch has a huge amount of high-quality video. In addition to watching videos on YouTube, Facebook Watch may be the second choice.

On Watch you can find a lot of great videos, entertainment shows and more. Unfortunately, Facebook does not offer the way to download these videos. If you want to watch Facebook videos offline, there is a quick and easy way for you to download Facebook videos without special software. Here I will show you the download method steps:

First, you need a Facebook Video Downloader. Here I show you, a free online Facebook downloader. You don’t have to pay anything. It is very easy for beginners to use.

Open, you can see an input box, here you can fill in the Facebook video link address. Y2mate uses Facebook video URL to analyze and obtain video files.

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Where can I find Facebook video links?

Right click on Facebook video and select “Show video URL”. A text box will appear. Select the link and hold down Ctrl + C to copy the link to the clipboard.

copy facebook video link
facebook link

Next you can go back to, paste the link into the input box, and click the Convert button.

The video will be converted into MP4, MP3 format. Click the download button to save the file to your computer or mobile device.

download facebook mp4 mp3

There is no complicated operation, just copy and paste the Facebook video link to Y2mate Facebook Downloader and you can download it with one click.