How To Download Online Course Videos From Youtube

Online course are one of the most popular means of learning these days. There are thousands if not millions of people providing online courses on different subjects from cooking to AI, anything you want, you can find a course for it. However, the majority of these online courses creators sell their courses for money and you actually cannot download course videos. With this in mind, you should be aware that more that 40% of online courses are available through Youtube. Even with this, you probably wont be able to watch and learn from all them all at once, and the best solution is to download online courses and keep them to watch them later. In this article, we will show you how to download course video from YouTube and save it to your PC or mobile.

How to Download Online Course Videos from Youtube

In order to download course video from YouTube, we have the ultimate solutions for you. The process is simple, fast and can be done in two different methods. In this part of the article, we will talk about each of these methods and you can choose whichever you like. Without further ado, here we go:


How to Download Youtube Videos Using Web Browser

YouTube does not normally allow you to download videos to your computer or smartphone. There is just an exception, websites like, which allows you to download and view the videos of your choice offline. There are many valid reasons why you would like to download a video. Whether it is yours, or have the permission of its author – or if the content in question is in the public domain, or you were given the authorization to use the video as you see fit.

One of the main reasons why people like to download YouTube videos, it that they are then able to watch them on any device, with or without an internet connection, include them in another video (with permission from the owner) and much more! It is relatively easy to download videos from the platform – even if the platform does not officially authorize the practice – through online services such as In this quick article, we will show you how to download youtube video with web browser for free in seconds, both on PC and on smartphone.


How to Download Youtube Video On iPhone/iPad

Download Youtube videos to your iOS smartphone to watch them later! This can be done by a third-party web services and applications, like Documents by Readdle, as well as browser extensions that work on both PC and Mac and therefore, allow you to download any content from the streaming platform.

Downloading YouTube videos to your PC is fairly easy these days. Of course, you can use several programs to download YouTube videos on iPad or iPhone. However, this can be a little bit tricky as most programs available for download for free are not secure and my cause a security breach in your device.

You have probably already tried to Download YouTube videos on iPhone – without success – to download a Youtube video to your iPhone. Do not be discouraged, we are here to help. In this article, we will show you easy it can be to download videos to your iOS device.


How to Download YouTube Movie for Free

With tens of millions of users, YouTube is the largest video platform available on the internet. This social media is used every day around the world to share films, video clips, tutorials and other types of content in video format. To take advantage of it, all you need is a computer and few clicks. However, there is a small problem. Access to these videos can be complicated in the event of a disconnection or in case you don’t have internet data. This particularly applies to Youtube Movies, which are relatively long videos to watch.

Therefore, in order to overcome this kind of problem, Internet users can download movies from YouTube that interest them to view them later. How then do you go about it? is at your service. You can download as many movies as you want for free and you won’t need any movie downloader software. In this article, we will show you how to download YouTube movie in 3 easy steps.


How to Convert Youtube to MP3 with Youtube MP3 Music Converter

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could download any song you want from Youtube?  Do you want to have the MP3 version of this magnificent motivational video that you saw on Youtube for your sports sessions? Do you want to download the audio of this podcast or conversation in English so that you can listen to it on the bus to improve your English? Do you want to get the audio version of your favorite YouTube videos to make a playlist for the next night? In short, there are several situations where downloading a Youtube video in MP3 format is very useful. You can convert YouTube to MP3 and the process is very fast.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of free YouTube to mp3 converters that are accessible on all platforms. Some of them are relatively slow, others offer unintuitive interfaces. Some even require you to create an account or log in using your google or Facebook account. In this ocean of converters, it is therefore necessary to seek the best solutions. This is precisely what we offer in this article, the ultimate way to convert YouTube to MP3 is


How to Convert Unlimited Length Youtube Videos to MP4

Who amongst us doesn’t want to listen to that long 10 hours video of “They are taking the hobbits to Isengard”, I know I would! If you want to download unlimited length YouTube to mp4 there are several ways you can do it. The need to convert long YouTube video to mp4 is sometimes overwhelming as many platforms out there allow only limited videos to be converted and downloaded. Their algorithm simply does not allow them to download long videos. As a result, we have thought of brining to life a solution and in the process of doing that, we have managed to come out with two different methods. In this article, we will talk about these two methods and explain to you how you can do each one of them very easily.

Download Unlimited Length Youtube to MP4

The length of the videos does not matter if you choose to use our Youtube to MP4 download: You can simply download videos that are up to 100 hours in length and the conversion will be done in under 5 seconds. Without further ado, her are the two methods you can use to convert long YouTube video to mp4 and download them to your device.


How to Convert YouTube to Mp4 on iPhone

Downloading videos to iPhone was relatively difficult due to Apple policies. However, with the help of YouTube to MP4 on iPhone converter, users are not finding it difficult anymore to get their videos downloaded. You can convert YouTube to MP4 on iPhone very easily with only some few steps we are going to mention in this article. is a website that allows you to download YouTube videos to iPhone in the highest quality possible without the need to download any software or create an account.  There are many other useful features in, such as downloading MP3 files from several platforms. However, today we are only interested in converting YouTube to MP3 on iPhone and this is how you do it.


How to Download Mp3 Audio from 2-hour Long YouTube Video

I often see people asking questions on Quora “How can I download audio from a 2 hour long YouTube video?” or “What software can convert YouTube long videos to MP3 audio?” is an online YouTube converter that converts YouTube long videos to mp3. can retain the original video quality and output 320kbps high-quality MP3 audio. Let’s use Y2mate YouTube to mp3 converter to download the video no matter how long.

Step 1: Copy the video link

Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download. You can get the video link in the browser address bar, or right-click the video and select the “copy video URL” option.

copy youtube url

Step 2: Download the long video

Paste the video link into Y2mate and click the convert button. Since the length of the video you want to download is relatively long, if it is more than 2 hours or 3 hours, you need to wait a bit. Y2mate download speed is faster than other websites, we use special conversion technology to greatly improve the download efficiency. You just have to wait patiently for a few minutes.

enter youtube link

Step 3: Download MP3 audio

Y2mate extracts audio from YouTube videos and converts it to high-quality 320kbps MP3 format. Click the Download MP3 button to save the MP3 audio to your computer or mobile phone.

There are many music collections on YouTube, and these music collections often exceed 2-3 hours in length. converter allows you to download these music integrations as possible. The steps are simple and completely free.

If you want to download youtube to mp3 more than 2 hours in batch, please try this iTubeGo Youtube Downloader software. It allows you to download multiple videos at once instead of converting and downloading one by one. Through this software, you can download videos from more than 1000 websites.

itubego youtube downloader

How to Convert YouTube Video to MP4 Online

YouTube is currently the biggest source of videos on the planet earth. Irrespective of the type, you can easily find a huge amount of results against any searched video. In addition to the world’s largest video sharing platform, YouTube is also the second most popular search engine on the internet. And downloading these YouTube videos can make your life easier. There are various online tools available that can do this job but the problem is that most of these tools are not trustworthy and convenient. Here, we will discuss and focus on an online tool that can convert YouTube video to Mp4 format.

YouTube is an American video-sharing platform, which is providing its services since 2005. Before we move forward and discuss the downloading process, let me share some amazing facts about YouTube.


Surprising Facts about YouTube: 

  • The very first video on YouTube was uploaded on 23 April 2005, featuring one of its co-founders.
  • On YouTube, there are almost 5 billion videos are watched on a daily basis.
  • It was founded by 3 former employees of the American online payment company, PayPal.
  • YouTube offers its users to navigate the platform in more than 80 different languages.
  • Google bought YouTube just after 18 months of its incorporation, for the US $1.65 billion.
  • Anne Frank’s footage is also available on YouTube.
  • In 2014, YouTube star cat Grumpy earned more money than Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • A seven-year-old YouTube star Ryan, earned almost US $22 million in 2018, just from toys review.

Download And Convert YouTube to Mp4 Online:

Whether you want to listen to the newly released song of your favorite artist or you need to watch some informational tutorial, YouTube may be the first thing to come into your mind. Sometimes, you may need to download these videos to your computer so that you can access and watch these videos even when you’re offline.

Y2Mate YouTube Converter is an online tool that can convert YouTube video to Mp4 format and download them directly into your computer.  

Steps to Download YouTube Videos to PC:

Y2mate is considered as one of the best online music download administrations. Steps involved to download and convert YouTube to Mp4 on your desktop computer or a laptop computer, from Y2mate are:

  1. Surf for YouTube site, discover the URL of the video in your program’s location bar and duplicate it to the clipboard by right-clicking on your mouse.
  2. Y2mate has a user’s friendly interface. Just replicate the YouTube link of that particular video in the YouTube Converter search bar and strike on the Convert button.
  3. Y2mate will leave with an option “Download MP4”, now click on the download button, it just takes a couple of moments to finish the transformation and spare it to your PC.
enter youtube link
download youtube to mp4

Note: This download technique can be executed in any kind of browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Windows Explorer, etc. There is no compulsion to download any other particular applications; this can easily be performed on your Windows, Mac or even Chrome book.

Why Y2Mate YouTube Converter:

It is one of the most trustworthy and user-friendly tools available online that can convert YouTube video to Mp4 in high quality and download the video directly to your computer. It is a free tool, which enables you to watch YouTube videos even if you’re offline.


How to Download YouTube Videos to iPhone Camera Roll

YouTube is a video sharing platform where almost 500 hours of video are uploaded every minute. With an enormous amount of every type of video content, there are more than 2 billion users on YouTube, which almost equals to one-third of all the people on the Internet. If you have an iPhone and looking for a way to download YouTube video to iPhone, then take out your iPhone from the pocket and get ready, as you’re going to explore the formula here!

Watching videos on YouTube has made life easier but accessing YouTube is not always possible. Sometimes you may need to download the videos to your phone so that you can watch these videos even when you have no access to YouTube. Many people find it difficult to download YouTube to iPhone and it seems to be impossible for them. But that’s not the case anymore.

Download YouTube Videos On iPhone:

You can use our YouTube downloader to download YouTube video to iPhone and save them directly to its camera roll. Our YouTube downloader is free to use and enables you to watch YouTube videos when you are offline.

Steps to Download YouTube Video On iPhone:

To download YouTube video on iPhone, you need Documents by Readdle, a free file manager that is compatible to work on most of the iOS devices. Follow these steps to download YouTube videos to your iPhone.

  • Install the Documents by Readdle App From the App Store:

First of all, go to the app store on your iPhone and search for the app “Documents by Readdle”. Now you have to install the app to your iPhone. And then start the app.

  • Open the Y2mateTV Website:

After launching the “Documents by Readdle” on your iPhone, you’ll see a safari-like browser icon on the bottom right side of the app. Tap the icon and a new browser will be opened. Once the browser is opened, there’ll be a browser’s address bar on the top. Type “” and press the button to proceed.

y2mate iphone
  • Enter  YouTube Video:

After opening the YouTube downloader webpage, you need to enter the correct URL of the YouTube video that you want to download.

  • Download the Video:

Now, you’ll have to select the video format in which you want to download the YouTube video. Here, you’ll see video formats under the thumbnail of the selected video.

download youtube android

Select the Video format and tap the blue-colored “Download” button, and the video will start downloading. When the downloading process gets finished, close the pop-up section and your video will be downloaded to your device. Then tap the “save” button on the top right, and your video will be saved to the Downloads folder.

  • Transfer the Video to Camera Roll:

The final step you have to do is to transfer the downloaded video to your photos gallery. For this, go to the downloads folder in the “Documents by Readdle” app. Here, you’ll see the downloaded video. Press the three-dotted icon on the right bottom of the video and then proceed to the next clicks in the following manner.

Tap “Move” > “Documents” > “All Photos”. Now your downloaded video will be moved to the Photos gallery of your iPhone.

download video to iphone

Why Our YouTube Downloader?

If you want to download YouTube video to iPhone, Y2mate YouTube Downloader is the best solution for you. It converts and downloads the YouTube videos to the camera roll of your iPhone and enables you to enjoy your favorite videos even when you’re not online.