How to Convert BiliBili Videos to MP4, MP3 Online

China is making new advancements in technology and innovation with each passing day. Like other sectors, the internet industry is also reaching new heights in China. Bilibili is among the top websites in the online video market. The number of active users on this online platform is continuously increasing. Downloading your favorite videos from Bilibili’s website is sometimes even better than watching them online. Here, you’re going to know the way to download BiliBili video to your computer.

Before discussing the process in detail, let me start by first telling what Bilibili actually is.



Bilibili is a Chinese video-sharing website that started its business on January 14, 2010. Initially, it was only involved in sharing anime’s video and pictures. But with the increasing number of visitors, it expanded into a lot of new fields like music, entertainment, science and technology, advertising, fashion, daily life, and many more.  As of December 2017, the number of active users on Bilibili was over 21.6 million.

In the Q1 of 2019, the top five categories on Bilibili by view count are Entertainment, Lifestyle, Gaming, Anime, and Technology.

Download Bilibili Video to Computer:

Downloading your videos is a great option to listen to music and watch videos offline. If you want to convert Bilibili to mp3 or mp4 format, use our YouTube Converter to download Bilibili videos to your computer.

Without the need to download any application, the Y2Mate YouTube Converter will convert Bilibili to mp4, mp3 and download the videos to your computer. This free tool can be used with any browser on your computer.

Our YouTube Converter has simple to use interface and download the videos instantly without compromising on the quality.

Steps to Download Bilibili:

Follow these steps to download Bilibili videos on your computer, using Y2Mate’s YouTube Converter.

#1 Go to Bilibili Website And Copy the Video URL:

First of all, go to the Bilibili website and search for the video that you’re looking to download. Once you’ve found the video, open that video and copy it’s URL from the browser’s address bar. To copy the URL, move your mouse cursor to the address bar, right-click the mouse and copy the link.

bilibili video url

#2 Paste the Link to Y2Mate YouTube Converter:

Then open the Y2Mate’s website on your browser. Here you’ll see a search box on the main page of the YouTube Converter. Again move your mouse cursor to the search bar and paste the link. After pasting the link, click the blue-colored “Convert” button and it will start extracting the audio from the video.

#3 Download & Convert Bilibili to Mp4, Mp3 Format:

Now you have to choose the format in which you want to download the file i.e. Mp4 or Mp3. Select the format and click on the “Download” button. By pressing the button, the video will start converting, and after conversion, it will download to your computer.

download bilibili mp3 mp4


Whether you want to convert Bilibili to mp4 or you’re looking to download Bilibili video in Mp3 format, the Y2Mate YouTube Converter is the best and user-friendly online tool that can download the Bilibili videos to your computer.  




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