How to Convert YouTube Video to MP4 Online

YouTube is currently the biggest source of videos on the planet earth. Irrespective of the type, you can easily find a huge amount of results against any searched video. In addition to the world’s largest video sharing platform, YouTube is also the second most popular search engine on the internet. And downloading these YouTube videos can make your life easier. There are various online tools available that can do this job but the problem is that most of these tools are not trustworthy and convenient. Here, we will discuss and focus on an online tool that can convert YouTube video to Mp4 format.

YouTube is an American video-sharing platform, which is providing its services since 2005. Before we move forward and discuss the downloading process, let me share some amazing facts about YouTube.


Surprising Facts about YouTube: 

  • The very first video on YouTube was uploaded on 23 April 2005, featuring one of its co-founders.
  • On YouTube, there are almost 5 billion videos are watched on a daily basis.
  • It was founded by 3 former employees of the American online payment company, PayPal.
  • YouTube offers its users to navigate the platform in more than 80 different languages.
  • Google bought YouTube just after 18 months of its incorporation, for the US $1.65 billion.
  • Anne Frank’s footage is also available on YouTube.
  • In 2014, YouTube star cat Grumpy earned more money than Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • A seven-year-old YouTube star Ryan, earned almost US $22 million in 2018, just from toys review.

Download And Convert YouTube to Mp4 Online:

Whether you want to listen to the newly released song of your favorite artist or you need to watch some informational tutorial, YouTube may be the first thing to come into your mind. Sometimes, you may need to download these videos to your computer so that you can access and watch these videos even when you’re offline.

Y2Mate YouTube Converter is an online tool that can convert YouTube video to Mp4 format and download them directly into your computer.  

Steps to Download YouTube Videos to PC:

Y2mate is considered as one of the best online music download administrations. Steps involved to download and convert YouTube to Mp4 on your desktop computer or a laptop computer, from Y2mate are:

  1. Surf for YouTube site, discover the URL of the video in your program’s location bar and duplicate it to the clipboard by right-clicking on your mouse.
  2. Y2mate has a user’s friendly interface. Just replicate the YouTube link of that particular video in the YouTube Converter search bar and strike on the Convert button.
  3. Y2mate will leave with an option “Download MP4”, now click on the download button, it just takes a couple of moments to finish the transformation and spare it to your PC.
enter youtube link
download youtube to mp4

Note: This download technique can be executed in any kind of browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Windows Explorer, etc. There is no compulsion to download any other particular applications; this can easily be performed on your Windows, Mac or even Chrome book.

Why Y2Mate YouTube Converter:

It is one of the most trustworthy and user-friendly tools available online that can convert YouTube video to Mp4 in high quality and download the video directly to your computer. It is a free tool, which enables you to watch YouTube videos even if you’re offline.




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