How to Download Game Music in MP3 for Free

Gone are the days when video games came with simple and irritating melodies. Now, game music is as important as gameplay for the success of any game. In fact, some games’ music is more popular than the games. And that is the reason; you don’t need to play video games for enjoying the game music. Whether you’re looking for some entertaining game music or finding a way to download game music, here we have a solution for both!

YouTube is the biggest source of video content on the internet. Like any other type of video, game music is also extensively available on YouTube. But searching for quality music needs a lot of time. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Best Game Music Channels on YouTube that are providing amazing music to the viewers.

Best Game Music Channels on YouTube:

1. GilvaSunner:

If you’re struggling to find a quality game music on YouTube, then this is the music channel for you. GilvaSunner is a YouTube channel, which is providing high-quality gaming music. They’re focused on uploading the highest quality music ripped mostly from the Nintendo games. You can find a wide range of Nintendo game music on this channel. One thing to be noted here is that there is another channel with the similar name “SilvaGunner”, be aware and don’t mix the names with each other.

2. SupraDarky:

SupraDarky is a YouTube channel that contains a huge collection of the world’s best game music. The owner of this channel was frustrated by the shortage of game music on YouTube, and that was the reason he started this channel in 2007. Currently, their mission is to collect all the best game music in one place. There are more than 2000 “Best of” videos related to video games music, available on the channel.

3. Luigi:

The next YouTube channel on our list is Luigi. The channel was named on the fictional gaming character “Luigi”. This channel was first got popularity by uploading the collection of soothing and relaxing Nintendo game music and after that, they start uploading mixes from many games. Most of the music on this channel is best known for its calming and relaxing effect. Some of the best soundtracks on Luigi’s channel are Pokémon, Donkey Kong Country, etc.

4. F4m1LyGuy10:

Unlike its name, F4m1LyGuy10 is another great channel for game music. If you like the “high-quality” concept of GilvaSunner but want more variety, then this can be the best place for you. In recent times, they’ve also started uploading the compilations, but the channel is best known for single tracks of all kinds of games.

5. OverClocked Remix:

If you’re looking for some remixed versions instead of official game music, then this channel is one of the best solutions available on YouTube. OverClocked Remix is the most famous channel for game music remixes and has thousands of videos on the platform.

Free Download Game Music Using Y2Mate YouTube Converter:

Now after finding the best game music as per your choice, you can also download game music from YouTube to your computer. Use our Y2Mate YouTube Converter to download game mp3 music from YouTube. It converts YouTube game music video into mp3 format and saves it your pc. The downloading process is quite simple and can be completed in a few minutes.

Steps to Download Game Music:

Follow these steps to free download game music form YouTube using the Y2Mate YouTube Converter.

#1 Copy the Link From YouTube:

First of all, go to the YouTube channel from which you want to download the game music. Search the video and copy its link from the browser address bar.

game music link

#2 Paste the URL in YouTube Converter:

Now go to the Y2Mate YouTube Converter website and paste the copied link in the search bar of the YouTube Converter tool. And then click the “Convert button”.

#3 Download Game Mp3 Music:

Now you have to select the format. Click on the “Download MP3”, and it will start converting the video into Mp3 format. Then the Mp3 game music will also be downloaded within a few minutes.


  • Y2Mate YouTube converter allows you to download game music from YouTube in Mp3 format.
  • Mp3 format provides the best possible quality and consumes less storage.
  • Y2Mate is a free tool that converts and easily downloads YouTube videos.
  • Y2Mate YouTube Converter can be opened on any browser.



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