How to download music from YouTube?

If you often follow the music of your favorite artists on YouTube, you will find that every time a new song or album is released, YouTube is the first platform to be released. You can watch and listen to these music videos on YouTube. Some tools can strip audio files from any YouTube video and convert to MP3 format, so you can listen to music offline. You can find many such music converters on the Internet, but not all tools are trustworthy and user-friendly. Here, I will focus on a good free YouTube music download tool. Y2mate YouTube Converter allows you to use and download YouTube music on your computer, Android, iPhone and other devices.

Below I will introduce you how to download YouTube music, there are 2 parts:

How to download music from YouTube to computer

How to download music from YouTube on Android

How to download music from YouTube to computer

Y2mate is an online music download service, you can open any browser on your computer, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. You can input our website address to view.

This download method is done in the browser, no need to download any applications, it can run on your Windows, Mac or even Chromebook.

Step1, Copy YouTube video URL

Go to the YouTube website, find the URL of the video in your browser’s address bar, and copy it to the clipboard.

copy youtube url

Step 2, Return to Y2mate YouTube Music Downloader

Y2mate has the simplest interface. Paste the YouTube link in the input box and click the Convert button. This step Y2mate will extract audio from YouTube videos.

enter youtube link

Step 3. Download music to your computer

Y2mate will provide two download options: Download MP3 and Download MP4. Click the download button, it only takes a few seconds to complete the conversion and save it to your computer.

download music from youtube

How to download music from YouTube on Android

Do you want to know how to download YouTube music without spending money? There are many Android apps that can convert YouTube to MP3 and save it on your phone. For example: aTube, SnapTube, YTD video downloader, etc. Installing the APP requires sufficient capacity on the phone, and some apps are not free. Y2mate can open and download YouTube MP3 music with a browser directly on your Android phone. It’s totally free.

Step 1. Copy YouTube video link

You can open the YouTube APP on your Android phone, select the music video you want to download, click the share button below the video, and select Copy link.

copy youtube link

Step 2. Download YouTube Music to your Android Phone

Open your mobile browser, enter in the address bar, paste the YouTube link in the website input box, and click the Convert button. Soon the MP3 file you want will be extracted from the video. Click the Download Mp3 button, the MP3 file will pop up, click Save.

download youtube android

Whether desktop or Android phone, Y2mate YouTube Music Downloader is your most reliable tool. Enjoy unlimited high-quality music now.




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