How to Download SoundCloud Music to MP3 on iPhone

Downloading music from SoundCloud on iPhone is not a difficult task as some may imagine. With an appropriate download tool, this task becomes quite easy. Fortunately, there are a number of great websites on the Internet that can help you with that. In this article, we will show how you can convert SoundCloud music to MP3 via our Y2mate YouTube to MP3 free converter. You do not need to download any software on your computer and it is completely free. We will write the exact steps you need to follow bellow to guide through this easy process.

With this said, finding the right YouTube to MP3 converter can be a little bit tricky. The majority of websites that provide services like these as hard as possible to convince you to download their website, create an account and start paying for the service. is completely free and you do not have to create an account or download any software.

In addition, you can directly download MP3 iPhone songs directly from YouTube. All MP3 are converted and can be downloaded in the highest quality possible. In order to do that, make sure you choose a high quality video from YouTube. You can unlimitedly make Soundcloud Mp3 iPhone downloads on for free. This being bring to how can you really download Soundcloud to MP3 on iPhone. The next part contains all the steps.

How to Download MP3 Music to Soundcloud on iPhone

Downloading MP3 music to Soundcloud on iPhone or iPad can be in four simple steps:

Step 1: you have to look and up and download an application called Documents by Readdle on your iPhone or iPad.


Step 2: With the built-in web browser of Documents, you can enter the SoundCloud website address or For Example:

download iphone

Step 3: Go to the Soundcloud Website, click the “share” button and copy the link of the preferred audio file from Soundcloud.

soundcloud website

Step 4: Go to Y2mate YouTube to MP3 Converter website, paste the link. Once you have done that, the video will start converting immediately to an MP3 file.

y2mate downloader

Step 5: It will only take few seconds for the song to be converted. Once finished, click on the download MP3 button and save the file.

y2mate completed

How to Put SoundCloud Songs to Notes and Listen on iPhone

This can be done in two very easy steps:

Step 1: Once you have the MP3 file, find the file in which it is saved and share it to the Notes application on you IOS system.

share notes

Step 2: Go to Notes, open it up and look for the MP3 file you have just shared. Once you have found t, you will be able to listen to the song in high quality.



SoundCloud on Smartphone offline and online downloads are a reality thanks to several websites out there. Now, it is also possible to download MP3 music and save it to iPhone after it was very complicated in the past. Thanks to Y2mate, you can download as many music tracks as you want for free and in the highest quality.

This article is the perfect guide to download and listen to your favorite music on the go. You are not required to download any kind of software or create an account. Downloading SoundCloud music on iPhone are as easy as it gets.



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