How to Download Vimeo Video for Free

Looking for a way to download Vimeo video? Then you don’t need to look further! In this article, you’ll come to know a free method through which you can download video from Vimeo on your computer.

Where there are plenty of options available on the internet, people always prefer to choose some quality content. Vimeo is a video-sharing platform that is widely known for its “artsy” distinctiveness. It was launched by a group of filmmakers in November 2004. Since then, Vimeo is providing creative content to its users. In 2007, Vimeo was the first video sharing site that starts supporting high-definition videos. And due to these reasons, Vimeo is considered as a competitor to YouTube.

There are many useful features, which make Vimeo different from the largest video-sharing platform, YouTube. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Youtube vs Vimeo

Difference between Vimeo and YouTube:

Vimeo YouTube
No Ads in Vimeo. There’s a lot of Ads everywhere on YouTube.
You are able to replace a video without losing the stats. You cannot replace a video with some newer version.
It offers Vimeo on Demand features to its users. YouTube always offers planned videos.
Offers free and different premium packages. Offer free services and an ad-free version. ($10/month)
It provides the password-protected option. YouTube doesn’t offer a password protection option for its videos.

Download Vimeo Video From Y2Mate Vimeo Downloader:

Vimeo is a great source of videos that works on “quality over quantity” philosophy. But that doesn’t mean it offers a fewer number of videos. There is a huge stock of videos including films, animation, music, etc. available on Vimeo. Sometimes downloading these videos directly to your computer can prove to be a next-level thing.

If you want to download video from Vimeo to your computer, then Y2Mate Vimeo Downloader is the best solution. You can download videos on your computer for free using our Y2Mate Vimeo Downloader.

It converts Vimeo videos into Mp4 format and download it to the computer. Furthermore, Y2Mate Vimeo Downloader can work with any browser on your computer, so you don’t need to download any additional application for this purpose.

Steps to Download Vimeo Video:

Follow these super easy steps to download video from Vimeo using Y2Mate Vimeo Downloader.

#1 Copy the URL of Vimeo Video:

The first you need to do is go to the Vimeo website and look for the particular website that you want to download. After finding it, open the video and copy the link from the address bar of the browser.

vimeo video

#2 Proceed to the Y2Mate Downloader Webpage:

Once you’re done with copying the URL of Vimeo video, go to the webpage of the Y2Mate Vimeo video downloader. You’ll see a simple interface, paste the Vimeo link in the search bar and click on the “Convert” button.

#3 Download Vimeo Video to Your Computer:

Then the tool provides you options to choose the format. Click on “Download Mp4” and it will start converting the video to Mp4 format. It will take only a few minutes to convert and download the Vimeo video on your computer.

download vimeo video

Why Y2Mate Vimeo Downloader?

There are various paid and free solutions available in the market but it is hard to trust all of them. Y2Mate Vimeo Downloader is the best free tool that enables you to download Vimeo video to your computer. It converts your selected Vimeo video into Mp4 format without affecting the quality and downloads it to your computer in just a few minutes!




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